Cranoist Wire Rope Electric Hoists are designed in accordance with IS-3938. Cranoist Hoists designed in modular construction, short headroom, easily accessible for repair & maintenance. Load Range from 500 kg to 20000 kg.


Cranoist Hoists are compact in size, smooth operation, robust & elegant in appearance. Cranoist hoists are suitable to the specific requirement of customer.

Motors : The squirrel cage induction type motor used as per lS-325. The Motors used are specially crane duty suitable for freguent starting, reversing and braking in Motors are totally enclosed in dust proof construction foot / f lange mounted TESC / TEFC.

Gearbox : Helical / spur type carbon / alloy steel gears are mounted on antifriction ball bearings in oil bath splash lubrication for delivering the torque required.


Brakes : The hoist motor are fitted with and Electro magnetic AC / DC brake for hoisting. The brake designed and build to arrest and hold safely the f ull load capacity of the Crane. The brake are'fail to safe'type in case of failure of electric supply, brake acts immediately.

Hook : Heavy duty steel forged hooks confirming lS- 3815 supported on thrust bearing.

Wire Rope : Special plough steel tested wire rope conf irming to 13-2266 of reputed make with considering the suitable f actor of saf ety.